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2011-01-27 20:47:21 by puffwahaha

After a very long time since I last posted
Finally I have my own blog! yay!

or click HERE to go to the blog

It keeps you updated with my recent works so feel free to visit it!
All the comment and feedback will be appreciated

YAY!!! 1st submission!

2010-07-23 08:18:41 by puffwahaha

Woohoooo!! my first post ever!
I finally submitted BitterSweet after quite a while of trying to find the way to shrink down the size!
but I'm still not happy about the quality of it...
Theres actually rain in the first scene of Robert(the gingerbread man) running away from the dog...
but it just disappeared in a low quality lol
Still hard to get it right when uploading online since the original size is 3gb...

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the little title sequence

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